Executive Speaking – Yes, It’s Scientific

Executive Speaking – Yes, it’s scientific

Do you want to get the boardroom addicted to your story? How about your staff or your clients?

Thanks to the latest findings in Neuroscience we now know what brain chemicals make us stop and pay attention. So, can we use this information to engage our listeners and make them pay attention by sharing stories? The answer is yes.

A great story can trigger the same brain chemicals that cause us to pay attention, chemicals like cortisol (help the body respond to stress and danger), oxytocin (love and trust) and dopamine (the brain’s reward and pleasure centres).

Inspirational Leaders tell stories. They know that emotion trumps logic and a presenter needs to touch a person’s heart as well as their head.

By carefully crafting your business stories, you can connect at a much deeper level. You can get your clients and staff on board with your vision and that can be powerful.

Business is rapidly changing and to stay connected in a rapidly changing world we need to master the art and science of communication, influence, presenting and storytelling. Our clients and staff are more sophisticated than ever and see through the old ways of ‘selling and telling. We now know how and why people are inspired by our stories so we have no excuse to bore everyone with hundreds of power point slides filled with data and charts.

Educate, inspire, inform, motivate, influence and even train others by getting our audiences addicted to our cause, our why, our stories.

3 tips for a great story:

  1. Use the rule of 3 where possible
  2. Make people care about your facts and figures
  3. Never be the hero in your own story

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx is the youngest self-made female millionaire in the world, sold 10 million products without spending a cent on advertising. She leveraged the power of her story and people found it irresistible. What’s your story?

Next time you are planning a boardroom pitch or perhaps a staff induction, choose the best stories that really demonstrate the point, then add a dose of data if you must.


Paula Smith is your expert in Presentation Intelligence (TM)

(Speaker CSP, CEP, Author, Master Trainer, Business Consultant and CEO of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting)

Helping experts and organisations to grow their business and their brand by harnessing the power of speaking for the past 30 years. Developer of the first Australian Qualifications in Presenting and now the world-first programme and qualification in Neuropresenting (TM)

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March Event – Another Full House

Our March professional development event was another wonderful evening filled with the energy of our vibrant community.March 2017 Speakers

We were treated with a presentation from our own CEP Tanya Finnie who surprised us with some cultural awareness activities and it was quite evident we were all not as culturally aware as we thought.

Nicole Ashby – Guest Speaker then shared her media journey with us and gave us some tips on how easy it is to get some media attention for our messages.

We then finished with a panel and open discussion about on-line learning platforms and how to take our learning programmes on-line to reach a global market.

The food, company, speakers and the GITP community was in full flight making the evening one to remember, not to mention the 15 stayers who stayed to network and get to know each other over a drink in the Crown Hotel Bar.

March 2017Our next  event is on Tuesday May 2nd at the Western Australia Club. It’s Neuro Night with a multi speaker event all about Neuroscience, Neurolearning, Neuropresenting and NLP

We have the whole penthouse floor and the best views of Perth.

Everyone welcome – Don’t forget to register

The Now Presentation

Make money, save money, save time and be happier now.13. The Now Presentation

One of the principles for adult learning is relevance.

Can I use this knowledge or skill in my life or workplace now or in the not-so-distant future? I coach a lot of emerging speakers and trainers: speakers who have a great message for the world, and want to turn what they know – their expertise – into a business or a profitable practice. Speakers who want to be able to adapt their message for a commercial market. One of the first questions I ask them is: ‘If I was CEO of an organisation how would your message either make me money, save me money or save me time?’ Your message or your presentation must be relevant to your target market and their current issues. Lots of topics are interesting and may even have the ‘wow’ factor but would I pay for them? Many presenters have some brilliant content and ideas but to an organisation which has very clear outcomes and a strict budget they might say:

‘So what! Who cares!’

Be ready to answer these questions if you are wanting to work with any organisation:

  1. Will this presentation or training solve a current problem? 2. Will this presentation or training make my organisation money or save my organisation money? 3. Will this presentation or training help me or my staff to be more productive?
  2. Will this presentation or training help my staff to be more engaged so the above can be achieved?
  3. Is this presentation or training relevant now?

Even an individual attending your public workshop is looking for answers to a problem they may be experiencing now. They may want to be slimmer, richer more tech savvy or just happier. Even if you have a signature keynote you are known for you can still contextualise it to make it the right presentation for the right audience at the right time.

People want NOW presentations – ‘sometime later’ or ‘for someone else’ is not always an easy sell.


Paula Smith is your expert in Presentation Intelligence ™paula-smith-x-3

Professional Speaker CEP CSP, Author of Speaking in the Shower, Powerful Presentation Principles and Sell Your Story, Master Trainer and Business Consultant.

Paula helps experts, entrepreneurs and organisations harness the power of Presentation Intelligence™ to grow their business and their brands. Paula is also the Director of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting.

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Are you ready to Speak Out and Play a Bigger Game in 2017?

Speak Out and Play a bigger game in 2017speak-to-profit

It’s time to throw your fear of public speaking to the wind and make 2017 your year to be seen and heard. It’s time for Presentation Intelligence

Presentation Intelligence is the blend of art, science and practice of commercial speaking. PQ is not about perfectly crafted speeches, far from it. PQ is about the design, development, delivery and ROI strategies of speaking in a commercial setting.

This could be a pitch to the boardroom, an inspirational talk to your staff, speaking up about your products and services to your target clients, presenting a training course, leading a workshop or let’s take it one step further ‘speaking to a room full of attendees at an industry conference’

Do you know how to:

  • Structure an influential presentation?
  • Craft and deliver powerful storytelling in business?
  • Choose the right methodology to engage your audience?
  • Use non-verbals to re-enforce your message?
  • Use brain-friendly strategies to ensure your messages stick?
  • Ensure your audience takes action after your presentation?
  • Measure the ROI to see if your presentation is having real impact?

Winging a presentation is a dangerous game when so much can be at stake. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be the most charismatic and ‘perfect’ presenter either. In fact, audiences sometimes cringe when the presenter is word-perfect and looks like they have choreographed their presentation within an inch of its life.

You just need to:

  • Be authentic in your approach
  • Know your stuff
  • Be passionate about your message
  • Have the best intention for your audience


have the skills and knowledge to structure your presentation in such a way you know your message is being heard.

Your presentation needs to have an impact on your audience every time.

Public Speaking and Presenting Skills are no longer luxury skills to have. Having the confidence and ability to speak out and have your message heard is a ‘must have skill in today’s competitive business arena. In fact, presenting is a vital key skill that most organisations insist their key staff possess or if you’re in business, Speaking Skills can grow your business and your brand exponentially.

I believe anyone can be a powerful presenter once they have the knowledge, skills, confidence and a strong desire to just share their message to the people they know need to hear it.

Are you ready to speak out in 2017? Are you ready to play a bigger game in your career or business? Are you ready for Presentation Intelligence ™?


Paula Smith is your expert in Presentation Intelligence paula-smith-x-3

Professional Speaker, Author of Speaking in the Shower, Powerful Presentation Principles and Sell Your Story, Master Trainer and Business Consultant.

Paula is the Director of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting and helps experts, entrepreneurs and organisations harness the power of Presentation Intelligence™ to grow their business and their brands.

In-house programmes can be booked at any time Australia wide or Internationally – Contact Paula to talk about your organisational goals

Next Public Programmes: Registrations now open

GITP Speaker Academy – March 2nd and 3rd Perth (The business of speaking for profit)

Exceptional Presenter – Paula’s signature presenting course March 16th and 17th Perth

Neuropresenting Certification – The first in the world (Certification and soon to be a National Diploma Qualification) 2 x 4 days – Block 1 March 9th-12th

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Social Learning: The New Black?

gitp-join-us-1Social Learning: The New Black?


How often have you heard someone say something and it triggers a new way of thinking, a different way of looking at a problem, or a surge

of ‘aha’?

Social learning is a concept that has really been around from the beginning of time. We all learn from each other. We gain clarification, insight and extra know-how just by sharing our thinking, knowledge and skills.

We should also remember that we are biologically wired to connect with others. It has been fundamental to our survival.

It gives us a sense of well-being when we connect in a meaningful way. Discussing our thinking, our ideas and our solutions makes deeper connections and gives synergy which all can enjoy.spilt-light

By being part of different learning communities, we are able to reinforce our learning outcomes, increase motivation and generate more diverse solutions. Yes, please – I definitely want more of that!

But, too often we think all the answers can be found on Google – so easy and simple. And yet, connecting to a real person, having that conversation, and even sharing your Google findings, can bring about greater learning.

We are all challenged by busy-ness. Glued to your desk at work, fighting your way through streams of issues is not the best way to get to the other side. Get up, walk, chat.

Going beyond your organisation stretches your horizons. Find more of your kind in different associations, network groups and other learning

communities. Connect on a virtual platform, but if you can, get out there and see the people. Share and synergise – you never know where that could take you.

Learning is not just made for classrooms. Go for the three-step: one, two, cha-cha- cha – formal learning first, practise next and finally collaborate with others.

Social learning may not be the new black as it has been with us for eons, but for many of us we may have forgotten how important it is. Make it your new black.

Karen Livey (MBA, Speaker CEP, Master Trainer and Leadership Consultant) is an expert in Neuroleadershipkaren

Karen is the Director of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting and helps organisations develop future leaders by using neuroscience and values based leadership principles.

No More Speeches Please

No more speeches please!gitp-about-us-image

What does an audience really want from a presentation?

A well-rehearsed speech? A story that is so perfectly crafted it is like a stage play or perhaps a presentation that is choreographed within an inch of its life?

I didn’t think so.

So why do so many workplace or conference presenters get it so wrong?

Perhaps they are spending too much time watching politicians deliver their performances, their much-loved community leader spruiking from the town hall or maybe they hired a speech coach instead of a presentation coach to help them get ready for their big gig.

The last thing a whole conference full of attendees waiting to be inspired into action wants to hear is a perfectly rehearsed speech.

So, what is the alternative?

A commercial conversation from the platform of course. Not just any conversation. It must be a relevant conversation. The right conversation, at the right time for the right audience.

A powerful keynote presentation or a pitch to the boardroom will still need to be prepared of course. You never wing a commercial conversation. You need a lot of the right preparation. However, you still need to flexible enough to cater for the dynamics of the audience and what is happening around you.

If the audience is giving you a blank stare you need to have well-developed presenting skills to be able to deliver it in another format or with an appropriate metaphor that this audience can relate to.

Presentation Intelligence ™ is about the art, science and business of presenting. It is not about designing a speech.

Here are 5 tips to get your conversation started:

  1. Your opening will need to attract attention and incite curiosity
  2. Be relaxed and speak in a conversational style that showcases your personality
  3. Know your topic so well that it allows you to be flexible if you need to be
  4. Choose your stories carefully and ensure they align to your key message
  5. When delivering your powerful closing ensure you have asked for action or some type of behavioural change.

So, next time you are asked to deliver a speech. Get clarification of what the end goal really is. You may find they want anything but a speech.

Prepare and deliver a powerful commercial conversation from the platform instead.

A conversation that your audience really wants to participate in, a conversation that starts another conversation, a conversation that creates real change.

Paula Smith (Professional Speaker CEP,CSP, Master Trainer and Business Consultant) is an expert in Presentation Intelligence (TM) The art, science and business of speaking.

Paula is also the Director of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting and helps experts and organisations harness the power of Presentation Intelligence to build their business and their brands.

Don’t Drink and Dribble

The Office Christmas Party Speech – (Don’t Drink and Dribble)

It’s that time of year again when the office Christmas Parties are in every building and event space in town. And we all know that along with the fun, the glass (or 5) of bubbly and the inappropriate festive behaviour of some of our colleagues we have to listen to, or even worse, give the end of year motivational, thankyou speech.

Here are some tips to nail your Christmas speech and ensure you don’t bore your staff, embarrass yourself or end up in the staff newsletter for all the wrong reasons.


  1. Don’t drink and dribble. Leave the alcohol until after the speech. Drinking one glass too many can loosen your inhibitions and focus. What may have seemed completely inappropriate to discuss at work hours before may now seem amusing to share with the entire organisation after a drink or two.
  2. Prepare in advance, don’t wing it. Even if you are not quite sure you will be called upon, still plan in advance so it seems impromptu but you can deliver it confidently and with clarity.
  3. Have a clear message to share with your team or audience. If it’s to thank them for their year of commitment and hard work, have some specific examples to draw upon.
  4. Keep it light. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Not the right time to talk about all the recent redundancies. Add some light festive cheer.
  5. Share a story. A feel-good or funny workplace story with people, places and events that they will all relate to or remember works a treat to get everyone reminiscing.
  6. “My boss’s end of year speech was too short” said no-one ever!alcohol-1694953__340

So, in summary your ‘Christmas Chat’ should be short, sharp, light, funny with a dose of feel good emotion.


You hear the cheer and the round of applause. Now go and find that eggnog, you’ve earnt it


Paula Smith – Chief of Business and Learning at GITP  is an expert in Presentation Intelligence™

Speaker (CEP, CSP), Author, Master Trainer and Business consultant helps experts and organisations grow their business and their brands by harnessing the power if speaking and Presentation Intelligence


Our Brillustration event rocked

There was a buzz in the air on Wednesday night at our November professional development event.cathcing-up-with-friends

Attenees  were greeted with a glass of bubby on arrival as they made their way to a live cocktail BBQ in the courtyard at The George. The weather was perfect and chatter prior to the event said it all. “This is a welcoming community”.

Karen demonstrated an introduction to Brillustration (TM) and why vision is so important when learning. Our members then took their coloured pens and gave it a go.  Lots of laughs, creativity and learning.

Perth Lawyer Stirling Owen then shared many things we need to consider when creating Intellectual Property, designing our training programmes and working with clients to ensure we protect ourselves.

We could have gone on all night with the many questions being fired at Stirling. He did a brilliant job trying to answering all of them.

Our next Event is going to be a knock out and a full house. Crafting your Keynote and Gamification presented in one of the most innovative venues in town. You can register now on our events page.

Come and join our community of purpose-driven presenters

See you there

Welcome to GITP

Wow!!!! What a night. We are still buzzing.

SONY DSC Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Last night we launched GITP with an amazing evening Powered by Pecha Kucha and attended by nearly 200 Trainers, Presenters, CEO’s HR Managers, Coaches, Professional Speakers, Business Owners friends and family.

They were inspired and impressed with our outstanding Speakers and the Pecha Kucha Journeys presented. A huge thank you to:

Troy Hendrickson, Tanya Finnie, Michael McLeod, Cindy Kennedy, Jason Paizes and Sherene Strahan for taking up the PechaKucha challenge and being truly amazing.

Along with our speaking stars, attendees were presented with the GITP Promise and Vision.

We are ready to train tomorrow’s workforce today

Our signature programmes, upcoming professional development events and industry initiatrives were also shared and received with delight.

Day one on a brand new journey.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Paula Smith CEO

Do I need Insurance?

Why might it be relevant to me as a small business owner, sole trader or freelancer?

In a society where litigation is now so prevalent (Australia is the second most litigious country in the world behind the USA), it is now recognised that Professional Indemnity Insurance is an essential tool for risk management as it helps protect both your personal and business assets from allegations from a third party, regardless of their validity.

So, whilst you may be confident in your abilities and have a proven track record of satisfactory performance, that doesn’t cancel out the possibility of legal action being taken against you.

What is it?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover the insured entity, its directors and employees from claims which result from an alleged breach of professional duty owed to a third party.  It is important to recognise that the policy responds to both the allegations of a wrongful act (regardless of their validity) as well as indemnities paid to third parties which means the policy is essentially separated into two sections being:

  1. The Indemnity Clause – provides payment for compensation owing to third party and
  2. The Defence Costs Clause – those costs incurred in defending you against allegations made against the business.

Historically the cover was tailored to suit those industries that you would normally associate with ‘expert’ or ‘tailored’ advice such as Accountants, Engineers or Real Estate Agents but with an ever-increasing rise in litigation it is now seen as standard risk management practice to ensure all professional service-related businesses carry a professional indemnity policy. The types of claims for damages against you include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Failure to meet the terms of a contract (e.g. failing to meet a deadline or achieve the specified result of a contract)
  • Financial loss
  • Dispensation of incorrect advice/information
  • Defamation

What does it cover?

While policies vary among insurers, some typical elements of professional indemnity insurance cover include the following:

  • The costs of investigating, legally defending or settling claims
  • Costs associated with personal injury or property damage claims
  • Civil liabilities — resulting from things like defamation, theft of intellectual property, copyright infringement, breach of contract duties, etc.

Why partner with and FD Beck?

Defending yourself against allegations of a wrongful act is a time consuming and expensive process, and should a claim against your business be successful it can be financial crippling.  Professional Indemnity Insurance allows you to focus on running the business with the knowledge that should you ever have need to make a claim under your policy, the claim will be handled by your insurer who will in turn appoint professional legal counsel at their own expense. Importantly the Professional Indemnity Insurance policy offered is tailored to meet the needs of business consultants, Trainers, Presenters and Workshop Leaders in the Australian market. Further benefits of cover are as per the following:

  • Cover extends to include additional sums insured for defence costs incurred in defending any allegations or claims made against you
  • Your sum insured or limit of indemnity carries with it an automatic reinstatement in the event of a full limit loss
  • Broad cover for legislative based claims such as breaches of Consumer Protection Legislation, allegations of Intellectual Property breaches, and formal Inquiries from regulatory bodies.

As a member of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting community you can access your PI and PL insurance from $456.50 (One of the best prices in the industry for this type of insurance)

We have chosen FD Beck as our insurance partner for their solid reputation in the insurance industry.

To access this insurance email us and we will email you the insurance  link