Workplace Wellness

About this master class:

Is your organisation a WELL organisation?

Is your organisation committed to providing a healthy, safe, engaged and high-performing workplace?

Workplace wellness is so much more than feeling relaxed and happy at work, it’s about the culture of an organisation.  WELL organisations put employees well-being at the core of everything they do. When you have a healthy, happy and engaged workforce, you have a productive, high performing workforce.

So how do you introduce and sustain a wellness culture? How do you help your key people become more resilient and optimistic?  It starts at the top. A great leader is a well leader which filters down to well teams and well individuals, all looking out for one another.

And well people have better relationships with those around them and they empowers others to be and stay well too.

Wellness is a joint responsibility in today’s demanding work environment. This master class explores what wellness really means and what both the organisation and the individual needs to implement to  be healthy, WELLthy and wise.

What we cover in this master class:

  • The WELL organisation
  • The wellness assessment
  • Healthy, WELLthy and wise
  • Wellness is a team effort
  • Mindset magic
  • Wellness is win-win
  • A wellness strategy
  • Making changes
  • Forming habits
  • We all need a little support
  • Personal leadership and well-being
  • Well relationships

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to optimise their health and well-being to be at the top of their game and support others in the workplace to do the same..

This course can be contextualised for your workplace needs and target group.