Coaching for Supervisors

About this master class:

Coaching others in the workplace is one of those ‘must have’ skills needed in today’s business world. Whether you are working in a high pressured sales environment, supervising in a busy office or leading a shift on a busy mine site, coaching others to be more productive, happier and less stressed at work is an essential leadership skill.  Coaching others effectively, is a highly developed skill that anyone in a supervisory or leadership role should have access to quality training in.

Successful coaching ultimately is all about getting results. By utilising proven coaching processes, models and tools, supervisors can coach effectively and with confidence.

The GITP coaching Master Class introduces attendees to number of coaching and mentoring methods, models and practices in a highly interactive and engaging workshop that will have you confident to step up to coach and mentor others.

What we cover in this master class:

  • What is coaching?
  • Contrast coaching and mentoring
  • It’s all a matter of perspective
  • NLP and the world around us
  • Listening skills
  • Models and methods
  • When coaching isn’t the answer
  • Step 1, 2 and 3
  • The power of words
  • Coaching practice
  • Keeping secrets
  • Following up

Who should attend?

Supervisors, team leaders, emerging leaders and anyone interesting in coaching and mentoring others to succeed.

This course can be contextualised for your workplace needs and target group.