Workshop Warrior

Join us in war against boring workshops

Are you a workshop leader or do you want to be?girl-1327759_1920

Do you want to start running workshops or training sessions to showcase your expertise and help your clients?

Do you currently run workshops but just know that the workshop magic is just not there?

Would you like to own the room and feel confident that your workshop skills are professional, fun and right on target?

Do you want to deliver a jam packed, engaging workshop that everyone is raving about?

Don’t just be any workshop leader become a Workshop Warrior and ensure your workshops rock

A Workshop Warrior is a person who is an expert in their subject matter and wants to share their expertise with a whole room of eager participants.

A Workshop Warrior is able to design and deliver compelling content using a range of highly engaging workshop methods.

A Workshop Warrior is at war with boring workshops.

I am sure you have all been at the receiving end of a boring presentation. At least you can usually escape within the hour, but to be stuck in a long, boring workshop with a presenter who just doesn’t get how to engage the audience or deliver content that is exciting and relevant is just excruciating. And you’re stuck there all day with no escape and you’ll never ever get that day or your money back.

You don’t have to be ‘that presenter’ you can walk into your workshops confident that your participants are engaged until the very last minute and they leave with the knowledge and skills they signed up for.

Join us for a full day workshop where we will show you what it takes to become a Workshop Warrior

We will be sharing with you:

  • How to design your workshop roadmap
  • The Workshop Warrior Content Builder
  • How you can use Neuropresenting ™ to ensure the message sticks every time
  • How you can talk directly to the 4 learning styles in the room
  • How to create course materials quickly and easily
  • A toolbox of brain-friendly, engaging workshop activities
  • How to manage the participant dynamics and make everyone work together
  • How you can start to become the workshop leader you have always wanted to be

How this programme is delivered:

This is one-day programme

Public programmes are delivered throughout the year or

The programme can be can be delivered in-house over one or two days and customised for your own Workshop Warriors

Your investment in this programme:

Member Price $495.00

Non-Member Price $695.00


Or call for a full proposal for your organisation


See our calendar of events for dates, times and how to register.

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