Our Brillustration event rocked

There was a buzz in the air on Wednesday night at our November professional development event.cathcing-up-with-friends

Attenees  were greeted with a glass of bubby on arrival as they made their way to a live cocktail BBQ in the courtyard at The George. The weather was perfect and chatter prior to the event said it all. “This is a welcoming community”.

Karen demonstrated an introduction to Brillustration (TM) and why vision is so important when learning. Our members then took their coloured pens and gave it a go.  Lots of laughs, creativity and learning.

Perth Lawyer Stirling Owen then shared many things we need to consider when creating Intellectual Property, designing our training programmes and working with clients to ensure we protect ourselves.

We could have gone on all night with the many questions being fired at Stirling. He did a brilliant job trying to answering all of them.

Our next Event is going to be a knock out and a full house. Crafting your Keynote and Gamification presented in one of the most innovative venues in town. You can register now on our events page.

Come and join our community of purpose-driven presenters

See you there