Present on Purpose – Neuropresenting ®

Would you like to be a world class presenter?
Would you like to present with clarity, confidence and charisma?
Would you like to be a certified Neuropresenter ® ?

Neuropresenting ® – Presenting with the brain in mind

GITP is raising the standards for presenters and trainers across the globe.
Present on purpose/Neuropresenting ® is a one of kind programme delivered by Dr Paula Smith – Leading expert in Presentation Intelligence ®.

The professional development 3 day immersion Neuropresenting ® programme is the leading edge, brain-friendly, professional development programme for purpose-driven presenters and workshop leaders.
Are you looking for that presentation edge to be able deliver powerful presentations or training sessions that create real change? Perhaps you need the knowledge and skills to be able connect and engage with your audience quicker and at a deeper level to be more influential?

Neuropresenting ® is a powerful blend
of professional presenting, adult learning, influence and neuroscience
principles – It’s all about presenting with the brain in mind.

This programme is for those who aspire to be world class, premier, purpose-driven presenters. If you are a workplace presenter, trainer, busy executive, professional speaker, business owner or workshop leader, the Neuropresenting programme will enhance the way you design, plan, deliver and evaluate the return on investment from your presentations. It has been designed to blend professional presentation skills, adult learning and neuroscience principals to create an incredibly innovative and leading-edge  professional development programme.

It is a highly interactive course designed to equip you with many engaging and brain-friendly methods to present your message to a diverse range of clients and audience members.

Although the course was Nationally Accredited as a Diploma qualification in 2016 by the Training Accreditation Council, it’s the professional development immersion that is proving a more popular choice for busy professionals.

Powerful presenting is leading out loud

The Neuropresenting ® programme will  encourage you to explore your own authentic presentation style and preferences and how to enhance and build on these to ensure your presentations are both memorable and powerful.

Why should you complete the Neuropresenting ® programme?

Presenters who develop this knowledge-base and set of skills will be able to:

  • Develop client-centric presentations using our ‘Neuropresenting Principles’
  • Create and deliver powerful training or presentations using high-level engagement strategies
  • Apply current adult learning theories and practices to create real behavioural change
  • Leverage neurolearning expertise to think critically and develop innovative presentations
  • Present with confidence and skill
  • Receive a professional certification as a Neuropresenter ® giving you a competitive advantage

The Neuropresenting ® programme includes a broad range of topics and units.

14 ‘Neuropresenting ® Principle’s for trainers and presenters
Presentation Intelligence ®
Exploring the learning brain
Brain-friendly learning environments
Presentation design and structure using ‘Neuropresenting Principles’
Advanced presentation delivery
Platform skills
Presenting art and science
Adult learning theories and practice
Crafting and delivering powerful stories that matter
Innovative presenting practices and thought leadership
NLP and the world we live and learn in
Workshop and Keynote craft
Methodology magic
Presenting to media
Your authentic presenting style
Speaking influence
Confidence, connection and charisma

We have designed the Neuropresenting ® programme so that each unit/topic can be also be delivered as a stand-alone presentation or integrated and contextualised to meet the needs of our clients. We are offering this as a public programme and in-house (immersion or spaced) with minimum numbers to meet your organisational needs. On completion of the programme , a Neuropresenting Certification  will be awarded to each successful candidate.

Contact us now to enrol in our next public programme or to find out more about hosting an in-house anywhere across the globe.


How this programme is delivered:

  • Public Programme – Professional Development Certification 3 full days face to face
  • Pre-Course work/reading
  • Diploma qualification is only delivered in-house or with RTO partnerships once on scope.

Your investment in this programme:

Neuropresenting ® 3-Day Immersion – Professional Development $2,795 (early bird), $2,995.00 (standard registration) per participant

Price may vary depending on location – see registration details for your State or Country 

Or speak to us for a full proposal to deliver this programme in-house for the key people in your organisation

Perth, Sydney, Singapore and London – Contact us for registration details