REL8 – Human Behaviour and Relationship Profiling Accreditation

Are you an experienced coach, trainer, facilitator or workshop leader?

Are you tired of having to add additional profiling and assessment costs to every client or workshop participant?

Are you looking for an evidence based, fun and innovative profiling approach to integrate into your current workshops, training offerings or coaching framework?

The Global Institute of Training and Presenting are building a network of REL8 facilitators across the globe.

As technology and busyness take centre stage in so many aspects of our lives, we need to tune in much more deeply to how others are thinking, feeling and behaving to remain connected in a disconnected world.   We are wired to connect to other humans so we can live, work, play and thrive together however we seem to be more disconnected than ever before.

Welcome to REL8 – A model and system to help us find our way back to each other and move forward into a more connected future.

The REL8 human behaviour and relationship model offers a simple yet powerful insight and approach to building and maintaining relationships with those around us so that everyone can get on with business.

Not everyone sees the world through the same lens as we do, however we need all views to make the world a better place for everyone.

Self-awareness, empathy, listening, effective communication, contribution and kindness are all behaviours or critical skills we need to succeed in the future.

Would you like to help others to build and maintain  positive relationships with those around them?

Would you like to become a REL8 Facilitator and offer REL8 as a stand alone human behaviour/relationship/team dynamics workshop to add to your training offerings?

Would you like to be a part of the REL8 movement?

Only accredited practitioners can work with the REL8 model and deliver REL8 workshops.

Join us and register for our next REL8 Practitioner Accreditation workshop

The  accreditation workshop includes:

  • Introduction to REL8
  • Getting curious about human behaviour
  • The nature versus nurture argument
  • Traits and tasks
  • Leadership approaches
  • Values and drivers
  • NLP and how we see the world
  • Neuroscience principles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Introversion/Extroversion preferences
  • How to integrate REL8 into a coaching framework
  • How to deliver an engaging REL8 workshop
  • Assessment

After the successful completion of the REL8 practitioner workshop and assessment you will be invited to join our network of licensed REL8 practitioners. A vibrant community of practitioners. Regular professional development events will be offered to our community to keep up to date with the latest research and methods to help serve your valued REL8 clients.

The initial training will include 12 months license to work with the REL8 model and it’s associated products within your current coaching/training practice or within your organisation.


$1,995.00 per person

Limited numbers in each 2 day facilitator workshop for maximum learning and participation.

Next dates: Perth Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January 2021
(contact Paula for more information and how to register

I am confident you will love working with REL8. Our clients love it because it’s easy to understand and it gets instant results.

Virtual sessions and Hybrid sessions will be offered for interstate and overseas facilitators – ask when our next one is scheduled. 

If you are looking to book a REL8 workshop for your team or organisation reach out for more information.

Practitioners can go on to be accredited in higher levels after a successful period of working with the REL8 model.

Level 1. REL8 Practitioner  (can use REL8 with coaching clients and groups of up to 20 training/workshop attendees)
Level 2. REL8 Presenter (Larger groups and at conferences/events)
Level 3. REL8 Leader (Leadership role, researcher and facilitator trainer)