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The team at GITP are committed to Making an Impact one training session or presentation at a time.

Our mission and the GITP promise is to deliver  quality, relevant, brain-friendly and enjoyable learning experiences that will make a measurable impact for you and your organisation.

All business is about relationships. Without relationships there is no business. Our core offering at GITP is training and presenting solutions to help your key people build better relationships and communicate more effectively.

Are you tired of booking training for your team only to find ‘cookie cutter’ solutions, trainers who don’t really care about the results and outdated materials and methods? At GITP we work with your key people to make sure our training gets the results you are looking for. From needs analysis to delivery and evaluating skills transfer after the training has been completed. We even match just the right trainer/expert for your specific needs.

Along with a team of highly experienced trainers, presenters and experts, GITP delivers a comprehensive list of  master classes, offers innovative, leading-edge qualifications/certifications, can connect you with keynote speakers for your next event and offers bespoke training and coaching solutions to really get you excited about where you or your organisation is heading. We also offer executive coaching for those key people who need a little extra support.

Our pricing makes it really easy to do business with GITP. Click on the Learn With Us tab and find our prices laid out for you.

We consider GITP to be a vibrant community of experts, trainers, presenters and organisations all committed to making a global impact.

Welcome to our community!

Paula Smith CEO and the GITP Team

GITP launches the Online Presentation Academy


Our CEO Paula Smith has developed a wonderful suite of online and virtual offerings.

Paula and her team are experienced virtual presenters. As the world is changing, being able to offer engaging virtual learning for your key people just makes sense. Wherever you are in the world, we know how to design and deliver a transformational virtual learning experience.

Click on the icons below for information on the the online master class programme – Powerful Presentation Principles or to be taken to the Presentation Academy homepage or reach out for a customised virtual experience.

Powerful Presentation Principles Presentation Academy Home Page

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