Work-Life Integration – Getting it Right

About this master class:

If the term work-life balance doesn’t exist, then we can stop working tirelessly trying to achieve it. Do you often struggle with overwhelm? Do those around you complain about how you manage your time? Do you feel like you are trying to please everyone but no-one, including yourself is happy?

The argument is, that we will never manage balance the scales. It’s not really how life works.

This master class isn’t about finding the illusive balance, it is about managing and enjoying work-life integration.

Can we really have it all, enjoy the journey and keep our sanity along the way? It’s all about getting the recipe right, your recipe, your way.

What we cover in this master class:

  • Throwing out the scales
  • Designing life
  • Values discovery
  • Priorities and promises
  • Assertiveness
  • Learning to say ‘no’ when it matters
  • Time is currency
  • What is and isn’t working
  • The people in your world have a say too
  • Planning for integration
  • Creating your recipe
  • Tasting success

Who should attend?

Anyone who is struggling to find the right work-life integration recipe. It’s also for those professionals who think they have it right but the people around them would ‘beg to differ’.

This course can be contextualised for your workplace needs and target group.