GITP Events and Public Courses

The GITP team love hosting events.


Although most of our training programmes and master classes are delivered in-house, we occasionally host public workshops delivered by some of our top trainers and presenters.

REL8 Accreditation/licensing programmes are offered regularly throughout the year. 

If you are keen to get started in developing your presenting skills, head over the to online academy and you can learning right away with our CEO’s signature online Presentation Skills course. Powerful Presentation Principles 

If you have more than 6 attendees wishing to complete any programme, hosting an in-house programme can prove more cost effective and can be customised to meet your organisational goals.


Upcoming open enrolment events

Due to COVID19 many of our public events are on hold. 

Our next public event is our 2-day REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship accreditation programme for coaches, trainers, facilitators  and workshop leaders. Contact us for dates and availability