Assertiveness and Influence at Work

About this master class:

Assertiveness is not about becoming more aggressive or loud and it’s definitely not about being more difficult to communicate with. Assertiveness is about becoming more confident in your ability to handle others around you and still feel great about who you are and what you have to offer.

Influence is about having effect on those people and things around us.

So why these two things together? Because in the workplace we need both. We need to feel confident about asking for the things we want and need and, in many cases, we need to get others on board with the same.

What we cover in this master class:

  • What really is assertiveness
  • Self-belief
  • Personal leadership
  • The art of saying ‘No’
  • Specific communication
  • Perception matters
  • Flexibility power
  • The rules of influence
  • Maintaining positive relationships

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to advance their communication skills to get what they want in the workplace while still maintaining important relationships.

This course can be contextualised for your workplace needs and target group.