Team Dynamics

About this master class:

A team is made up from people; not just processes rules and objectives. It is critical we get to know our team members on a more intimate level to ensure everyone in the team has an integral role to play and feel like they are a valued contributor at all times.

So what makes a great team? What can threaten to destroy a high functioning team? and what happens if the team is a fluid team where members are rotated depending on rosters and other factors?

Developing a strong team, then managing the team dynamics can sometimes prove to be  a challenging exercise but there are strategies that can make it whole lot easier. The purpose of a powerful team is to benefit from the diverse skills each member brings to the table and then ensuring the collective knowledge, skills and attitudes can work together to achieve the set goals or objectives.

Using the REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship model and system as a foundation, this master class will explore how teams can work and play together successfully to ensure the collective wisdom is optimised, allowing the team to develop and thrive. This is a deep but fun masterclass that get’s your team interacting with a small dose of healthy competition.

What we cover in this master class:

  • Defining team
  • Getting to know the members
  • Exploring REL8
  • Values are drivers
  • Team structures
  • Setting the objective
  • Playing well with others
  • Specific communication
  • Collective wisdom
  • Behaviours that don’t fit
  • Dangerous liaisons
  • Difficult conversations
  • Perception matters
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility power
  • Fluid teams
  • Celebrating together

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to develop skills to become a better team player or has to step up to lead a team.

This course can be contextualised for your workplace needs and target group.