Need a Keynote Speaker or Expert?

Professional Speaking is very different to training. It takes a great deal of experience and know how to craft a great keynote presentation.

At GITP we train trainers, professional speakers and conference presenters so we have access to many talented experts and professional speakers who can speak at your next event or conference.

We can help fill your entire conference with relevant topics and engaging speakers or we can find that one special speaker you need to open or close your big day.

Our speakers and experts range in fees (from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollards) so contact us today to talk about your next event.

We also have experienced MC’s and hosts on hand.

Do your industry speakers need a little work on their presenting techniques before the event? Poor presenters can ruin a great event. We are happy to help you prevent this. We can deliver a short master class or offer private coaching on how to be an engaging conference speaker to make sure all of your chosen presenters on the day are equally amazing.