Women's Leadership Development Programme

Lead on Purpose

Build your leadership skills and confidence

The Global Institute of Training and Presenting brings to you a women’s leadership development programme like no other.

We believe that every woman has leadership capabilities.
Our mission is to help you realise that potential and to give the resources and support you
need to lead.

A collective of purpose-driven women learning and leading together
For Business and Professional Women who want to accelerate their business or executive career

Developed by women for women who choose to step up and lead

Whether it’s leading a small team, a department or a whole organisation, the Lead on Purpose  leadership immersion will give you the mindset, skills, confidence and support to take your career, business or leadership role to the next level.

Women face unique challenges in the workplace and they also bring unique value and a fresh perspective to any organisation.
Research proves that when you capitalise on the diversity of your workforce, the return on investment is a better performing organisation.

Old-school leadership development programmes no longer serve us as we move into an era of unprecedented change

Our Lead on Purpose curriculum will dive into the future leadership skills needed to navigate through these tidal waves of uncertainty.
Our unique approach to leadership development is based around powerful learning pods, peer and expert coaching, presenters from diverse backgrounds and industries and interactive master class/workshops.

Programme Lead Facilitator: – Paula Smith is the CEO of GITP, a leadership and business consultant, coach, author, master trainer, the leading expert in Presentation Intelligence ®. Founder and developer of the RE8 human behaviour and relationship model  and a Professional Speaker CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Paula’s rich professional experience, solid academic qualifications, inclluding a Master’s degree in Leadership, and her dynamic and infectious personality makes her the perfect choice to lead this innovative professional development journey.

Future-proof your workplace by developing your key women

Participants will enjoy being part of a collective of women peers and leaders throughout the 3-Day immersion journey.
Participants will continue to support each other long after the immersion is over.


Master classes and topicsgitp-about-us-image

Personal leadership
Neuroscience of leadership
Powerful presenting – Leading out loud
Advanced communication and influence
Choosing to lead
Critical and creative thinking
Your personal and professional brand
Thought leadership and innovation
Building strong networks
Strategic thinking
Making an impact
Productivity in a modern workplace
Cultural Intelligence
Digital Impact
Workplace wellness
Leading teams of the future
Crucial conversations
Coaching skills
Mindset, motivation and mindfulness
Change and disruption


Participants will leave the programme with:

Relevant and powerful skills to lead on purpose
A greater sense of self
An understanding of future leadership challenges and how to prepare for them
Confidence in their leadership and communication capabilities
A focus on what and how they can contribute to their current and future organisational and business roles
Skills in creative and critical thinking
A support network to help the navigate future challenges
Higher engagement and contribution to strategic conversations
More focus on ‘big picture’ thinking and planning
More of a global perspective


Participants will:iStock_000009642009Large

Attend a 3 full day immersion master class
Develop  relationships and networks with their peers
Be meeting and learning from experienced presenters
Be participating and contributing to high level discussions around current and future leadership challenges
Have opportunities to lead, present, share and grow


Research proves peer coaching leads to better transfer into the workplace so book an in-house programme for your key women

Your investment: 

$ 2,995 per person (public programme)

Book an in-house programme for your key women (price on application)

Scholarships may be available

Applications now open – Get in touch by emailing either

Or pick up the phone and talk to us personally



GITP launches the Online Presentation Academy


Our CEO Paula Smith has developed a wonderful suite of online and virtual offerings.

Paula and her team are experienced virtual presenters. As the world is changing, being able to offer engaging virtual learning for your key people just makes sense. Wherever you are in the world, we know how to design and deliver a transformational virtual learning experience.

Click on the icons below for information on the the online master class programme – Powerful Presentation Principles or to be taken to the Presentation Academy homepage or reach out for a customised virtual experience.