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The Speaking Practice

Our CEO Paula Smith has been training trainers and presenters for over 30 years. Her Exceptional Presenter programme has been attended by thousands of participants across a diverse range of industries. Paula is also the global expert in Presentation Intelligence ™

Learning the art and science of presenting is critical to becoming a powerful presenter but what is just as important is the opportunity to practice, receive feedback and become confident in front of a live audience on a regular basis.

The Speaking Practice is a meetup group for our GITP community and graduates of our presenting courses. It is an informal gathering facilitated by one of our Certified Expert Presenters. A range of presenting topics will be discussed and every attendee will have the opportunity to present to a small group of peers. Some of our regular attendees will have the opportunity to present to the group and be coached by expert presenters.

Some of our programme graduates may also have the opporunity to present at a GITP event or GITP Showcase.

Our Speaking Practice sessions are by invitation only.

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Connecting experts with organisations

Invest in your key people

At GITP we love to connect training professionals and experts with the organisations
that truly value developing their richest asset. ‘Their People’

We offer a comprehensive suite of public and in-house master classes, bite-size workshops, leading-edge certifications and qualifications, coaching, consulting and introductions to experts who speak.