Exceptional Brand

Personal Branding and Reputation Management.
Are you managing your personal brand or are others doing it for you?
Are you often being overlooked for that promotion, speaking gig, or client booking?
Are you confused about how your image is being perceived by others?

exceptional-brandYour personal brand is so much more than your personal presentation.  Your personal brand is about your whole package as judged by your key constituents.

Personal brand development is an essential career or business strategy. Trust is currency in business and a strong and trusted personal brand is critical for building and maintaining strong relationships

The Exceptional Brand workshop has been developed for the key people in your organisation or business. You may even be the brand of your business.

The presentation includes:

  • The myths around personal branding
  • What is a personal brand?
  • Who’s the judge?
  • Your brand promise
  • Do your brand values fit?
  • Being a brand of influence
  • Authentically you
  • The brand gap
  • A 4 package strategy
  • Brand confidence when communicating
  • Work/life integration – having it all
  • We don’t all have the same package
  • Your brand buddies

It’s time to take back control and deliberately and consciously build a personal brand that matters.

How this programme is delivered:

The Exceptional Brand programme is delivered in-house for the key people in your organisation.
In-house programmes can be presented in a half or one-day face to face workshop.
This topic can also be booked as a presentation for your next event or conference

Your investment in this programme is:

In-house price on application