Global Institute of Training & Presenting

Professional Development Events

At GITP we believe in the power of face to face connections.

Although through digital technology we can connect with likeminded professionals around the globe our live professional development  events give our community the opportunity to meet, build professional relationships and friendships with people in their own home city.

Our events will showcase some of our expert trainers and presenters as well as a line-up of visiting experts who are willing to give generously to enhance your professional development.

If you believe you have something to offer our community and would like to speak at one of our events, please contact us to discuss.

Our events are not a place where we allow you to sell to our community.  It is a sacred place of professional development and sharing.

Check our next event  by viewing our calendar of events page.



Connecting experts with organisations

Invest in your key people

At GITP we love to connect training professionals and experts with the organisations
that truly value developing their richest asset. ‘Their People’

We offer a comprehensive suite of public and in-house master classes, bite-size workshops, leading-edge certifications and qualifications, coaching, consulting and introductions to experts who speak.