GITP Certified Expert Presenter

Julie Warburton

Julie is an international speaker and trainer who specialises in educating individuals and organisations in stress management and resiliency skills, to improve their performance, life balance and wellbeing.
Using practical tools in reducing stress and techniques in managing multiple priorities and creating more balance, results in a lasting and positive change in our thinking and therefore positive results in all areas of our life.
Julie has over 25 years in the health industry as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, trained in Transpersonal Counselling and is a internationally qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Psychology and behavioural coach specialising in stress and resiliency.
Having survived many of life’s challenges herself, Julie’s compassion, warmth and generosity of spirit are an integral part of who she is and infuse her training philosophy.
Outside of work, Julie is the proud mother of two beautiful boys and loves music, reading and travelling and connecting with people from all cultures.
Approachable, enthusiastic and a great communicator, Julie has a passion for helping others achieve success and balance in their lives.

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