GITP Certified Expert Presenter

Dr Troy Hendrickson

Dr Troy Hendrickson is an educator, speaker, facilitator and program design expert. Troy is a dual citizen of America and Australia and has worked with corporate, academic, government and not for profit organisations for over 25 years. Troy in recent years was also the Director of the Master of Business Leadership program at the Curtin Graduate School of Business. He now delivers workshops, programs and keynote speeches in more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and even New Zealand.

Troy is passionate about challenging people both personally and intellectually. He loves to see individuals experience noticeable behaviour change that will allow them to maximize their potential and effectiveness. Troy enjoys creating innovative, energetic learning environments and he takes pride in being thought provoking and engaging when teaching, presenting or keynote speaking. He uses unique visual facilitation techniques and a wide range of experiential learning approaches to embed learning that produces optimal retention of material and a corresponding shift in beliefs and behaviours. His research interests in adult learning, cognitive neuroscience and memory retention gets utilized in all of his speaking endeavours and workshops. He work with all age groups (young adults through senior managers) and across all sectors (private, public and not-for-profit).


GITP launches the Online Presentation Academy


Our CEO Paula Smith has developed a wonderful suite of online and virtual offerings.

Paula and her team are experienced virtual presenters. As the world is changing, being able to offer engaging virtual learning for your key people just makes sense. Wherever you are in the world, we know how to design and deliver a transformational virtual learning experience.

Click on the icons below for information on the the online master class programme – Powerful Presentation Principles or to be taken to the Presentation Academy homepage or reach out for a customised virtual experience.

Powerful Presentation Principles Presentation Academy Home Page