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Clint Bertenshaw

Clint is a learning and development professional with experience in facilitation, design, consultation and project management, a podcaster and a tech enthusiast. Clint is currently completing his Master’s in Business Administration with completion expected in 2017.

With a driving passion for helping business get the best out of their people, Clint feels that people as a business’s greatest asset and developing them is critical to success. Utilising his passion for technology, Clint is always looking for new ways to incorporate technology into learning to engage, excite and enhance the learning experience.

Podcasting and webinar production is a new-found passion for Clint. With people becoming more time poor and seeking work life balance, Clint believes that these mediums are a fantastic way to continue learning outside of a formal environment.

Clint is currently working for apicsAU, a non-profit member’s organisation for Supply Chain professionals, as the Senior Operations Officer. In this role, he works with facilitators, certification partners and speakers to provide education and professional development for members and the broader Supply Chain community.

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