Brain friendly, brilliant illustrations for clever presenters.

Vision trumps all other senses so it is critical presenters, facilitatators and people who run meetings  master the art and science of presenting information in a visually stimulating way.

Getting bored of power point?  Looking for something much more interactive and engaging for your audience?

Do you want to wow your audience with your artistic flair?

Here is the issue though. Many presenters complain they can’t draw and must rely on a slide show or handouts to deliver important images and visuals.

What if you could create visually stimulating illustrations on flip charts and whiteboards that are creative, brain friendly and thought provoking?

What if you could help your learners remember much more of the content you are delivering?

What if you could master the art and science of Brillustration ® ?

We are confident you can.  Join us for this fun, interactive and highly creative workshop that will stimulate your whole brain.

The workshop includes:

  • Our learning brain
  • Why vision trumps all other senses
  • Memory magic
  • Get into your creative zone – yes we all have one
  • Art for the non-artist
  • The Brillustration ® method
  • Symbols and pictures
  • Storyboard summaries
  • Creating is contagious
  • Contextualise your creative content
  • Your visual dictionary

You will leave the session not only being able to draw creative images and symbols for your presentations but you will leave with a visual dictionary aligned to the content of your own presentations.

The Brillustration ® method is a simple yet effective way of delivering brain friendly, brilliant illustrations to engage your learners every time.

You can use the Brillustration ®method in:

  • Training rooms
  • Presentations
  • Boardrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Meetings




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