Share or Sell Your Story

Would you like to be a best-selling author?
Would you like to publish for business, pleasure or to leave your legacy?

sell-your-storyBeing an author amplifies your brand and builds credibility.

Publishing is now for everyone and it’s easier than you think.

The Authorship workshop will take you step by set how to plan, write and self-publish your book in record time. Novel, Biography, Education or Business book, you decide. You can also position yourself as an authority in your field by sharing your expertise or story with others. You can even create multiple streams of income from your book – in fact we will show you 17 of them.

The authorship workshop includes:

  • Why write a book?
  • How to get started
  • Share or sell your story?
  • Titles that make headlines
  • Planning your book
  • Writing your book
  • Ghost-writing and editing
  • Designing your cover in minutes
  • Design and layout – how easy
  • Navigating print on demand
  • Uploading to Amazon
  • Creating your E version
  • Your ISBN number
  • Best seller strategies

Publishing a book is both fun and rewarding. It’ s not an expensive exercise either. With print on demand and outsourcing your team your investment may only be in hundreds of dollars not the thousands like many would like you to believe.

Do you have a story to sell or share?

How this programme is delivered:

One full day public workshop

Your investment in the programme:

$695.00   Per Participant
$495.00   GITP Members and VIP Card Holders

See our calendar of events for dates, times and how to register.

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