Exceptional Presenter

Would you like to be a dynamic speaker?
Would you like to be a confident, charismatic and influential speaker?

exceptional-presenterThe Exceptional Presenter is a premier presenting programme based on the methods of Presentation Intelligence ™  developed by our CEO Paula Smith.

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive combining both the art and science of Powerful Presenting delivered by one of the most highly qualified, experienced and engaging presenters you will find.  Thousands of attendees over the years have completed Paula’s speaking programmes.

If you are a trainer, professional speaker, workshop leader, community representative or workplace presenter the Exceptional Presenter professional development programme is for you.

Presentation skills are a must have skill in today’s competitive business arena. Having the skill to stand up and communicate your message effectively in fact, is a vital skill that Companies demand their key personnel possess.

Being able to think on your feet and engage the listener could mean the difference between securing business and handing business to your competitors on a platter.

The Exceptional Presenter 1, 2 or 3-day workshop will take your speaking skills to the next level.  If you have ever been afraid of speaking in public or just need strategies on how to piece together a memorable and powerful presentation that gets results this interactive, hands on workshop may be the best investment you can make in your professional development this year. The programme will give you those magical ingredients to have you presenting like a confident speaking professional.

Speaking to an audience builds trust and trust is currency in business.
Presentation Skills are one of the most profitable skills in modern business.

The Exceptional Presenter programmes includes:

  • The Art and Science of powerful presentations
  • Introduction to Neuropresnting ™ principles
  • Presentation Design
  • 7 Steps of Presentation Success Structure
  • Planning and preparation
  • Thought leadership
  • Getting the audience on your side
  • Messages that Stick
  • 3 R’s of every presentation
  • The Brain Rules and how to use them
  • Crafting your credibility statement
  • Trust and authenticity
  • Non Verbal and Verbal Communication
  • Glossophobia and speaking nerves
  • Platform mechanics
  • Matching Methodology
  • Learning Preferences
  • Managing audience dynamics
  • You and your brand
  • The Power of Story
  • Speaking to build business
  • Evaluating presentation effectiveness
  • Charisma, Confidence and Connection

How this programme is delivered:

The Exceptional Presenter programme can be presented in-house for your organisation or you can enrol in one of our open programmes.
The public programme is a one day Master Class
In-house programmes can be presented in a 1, 2 or 3-day face to face workshop and can be aligned to the Certification or Qualification of Neuropresenting.
Please note not all topics may not be covered in the 1-day workshop Master Class.

Your investment in this one day Master Class Programme is:

$ 595.00    Per Participant

In-house price on application

See our calendar of events for dates, times and how to register.

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