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Entrepreneurs and Experts Business Master Mind – Publishing Stream

Are you ready to play a bigger game? Your Game – Your Way?

Would you like to be an Author and get that book you’ve been thinking about writing actually published in 2017?

Book CoverThe Exceptional Business programme is a 6-month programme especially designed for an intimate group of Entrepreneurs who want to learn, network, share, contribute, grow, create, inspire, influence and profit in an environment where everyone aspires to similar goals.

The 2017 stream is all about Publishing.

Participants will be taken through the step by step journey of publishing for profit over the 6-month programme. The programme is not only designed to get your book published by the end of the Exceptional Business programme but it will also cover how to leverage from your publishing efforts. In fact, we will be working through 17 different ways to profit from your book or publishing platform.

It is by application only (Yes, we are looking for experts who are ready for the publishing journey) Entrepreneurs with the right mindset and expertise. We want to cultivate an environment of thought leadership, commercial innovation and sophisticated conversation.

Why was it created?

You asked for it that’s why

Paula Smith (Professional Speaker, Author, Master Training and Business Consultant) and founder of the Exceptional Business programme has been in business for three decades. Paula has been speaking, coaching, mentoring and consulting to business owners for much of this time. Paula understands the demands of creating, running and thriving in a successful business.

Entrepreneurs and business owners need mentors, trusted likeminded peers and a place to develop their business thinking and skills.  Busy professionals also want fast paced, relevant learning that keeps up with the speed of business and opportunities to contribute, share, innovate and develop strong partnerships.

A group of a trusted few to support you while you grow your business and your brand.

The Exceptional Business programme has been created for you and your business.

There are 6 Master Mind Sessions (One every month) covering relevant topics and hands on workshops. New knowledge and skills that you will be able to implement in your business immediately. There are limited places in the programme ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to share, grow and learn. An opportunity to talk and learn about projects and challenges that will make the biggest impact in your business.  You also get your own personal business coach throughout the 6-month programme in between the group sessions so you always have someone on your side to keep you moving in the right direction.

Thrive don’t just survive in business.

Some of the topics and discussions that are explored in the Exceptional Business Programme are:

  • Authorship and getting published
  • Keeping up with technology
  • Getting your message right
  • Branding mastery
  • Get into the media
  • Business automation
  • Business leadership
  • Outsourcing and other help
  • Sales funnels and lead generation
  • Franchising and licensing
  • Going global
  • Marketing mastery
  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • How to run events
  • Creating products and services with ease
  • Facilitated discussions and Hot seats
  • Creating income streams and Leveraging
  • Expert positioning
  • Innovation and critical thinking
  • Social media strategies
  • Speaking to grow your business
  • Creating models, systems and your own IP
  • Partnerships and joint ventures

This stream starting in March 2017 will focus on Publishing for Profit so all topics may be covered.

The Exceptional Business Master Mind is an investment in your personal and professional development.

Your Investment in this programme

The full 6-month programme is:

$4,995.00  Per Participant

$3,995.00  GITP Members and VIP Card Holders

This programme can be paid in monthly instalments.  The publishing programme is by application only.

Please contact Paula Smith  to discuss your suitability for this programme.

See our calendar of events for dates, times and how to register.

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