GITP Certified Expert Presenter

Tanya Finnie

Tanya Finnie is an expert in building relations and installing confidence in individuals. A fascinating nomadic up-bringing, gave Tanya valuable experience living and working in various countries in Europe, Africa and most recently in Australia.

She creates custom executive development programs, specifically focussed around high performing cultures to give organisations and individuals a competitive advantage and creative solutions. Whether it is ethnic cultures, gender differences, generational challenges or simply the fact that different organisational departments seem to speak different languages, Tanya is the person to call.

Tanya has extensive lecturing and facilitation experience, as well as conducting professional development, implementing leadership programs and executive coaching. She delivers vibrant keynotes and her goal is to help you create immediate results that embodies organisational and cultural values, with a clear focus on sustainability.

She is passionate about bringing people together through building rapport and culturally appropriate communication. Her work has a strong focus on cultural intelligence (CQ), body language and motivation – all ultimately building confidence and growing stronger teams.

Qualifications and Associations

 Graduate Diploma in Learning and Development
 Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management
 Accredited Advanced CQ Facilitator
 Advanced DISC Facilitator
 Diploma of Presentation Skills
 Diploma of Coaching
 Diploma of Training and Assessment
 Diploma of Leadership
 Diploma of Frontline Management
 Diploma of Human Resources Diploma

Tanya is an active member of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting, Professional Speakers Association Australia and Toastmasters International

When you can communicate effectively you can succeed

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